The Department Employs Over 1,500 Full Time Workers And Manages More Than 27,000 Acres Of Parkland Over Approximately 500 Square Miles.

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The nationally recognized department established Wi-Fi without fiber connections to enable mobility and efficiency across multiple sites. News Facts The Prince Georges County Department of Parks and Recreation is part of the larger Maryland National Park & Planning Commission and has over 130 locations across the entire county, including parks, historical landmarks and properties, pools, golf facilities, rental properties, and many more sites for outdoor recreation and activities. The Department has won an unprecedented six National Gold Medals for excellence in parks and recreation management, and was most recently awarded the 2015 National Gold Medal Award. The Department employs over 1,500 full time workers and manages more than 27,000 acres of parkland over approximately 500 square miles. Drawn to the flexibility and the ease of deployment, the Department first installed an Aerohive pilot at the Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex, which includes a fitness center, gymnastics facility, learning center, aquatic center, cafe and vending kiosks. This expansive facility was an excellent test of how robust and agile the Aerohive network solution would prove to be. Aerohives AP121, AP230, AP330, and AP170 access points are deployed throughout the Department, as well as SR2124 and SR2148 switches and BR100 and BR200 branch routers. Aerohives BR200 branch routers running on the Verizon network with embedded LTE are ideal at remote locations to enable network access. HiveManager On-Premises was chosen for network management system. With over 30,000 unique visitors per month on its network, the Department is relying on a solution that can seamlessly expand and continue to provide features that create efficiency without sacrificing security or adding exorbitant cost.

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